Catherine speaks at conferences and events around the country (and over Zoom!), and has presented in front of a wide variety of audiences, including tech experts, senior executives, students, parent groups, school leaders, community organizations, and company retreats. She customizes her talks and workshops based on audience size and area of interest. 

To book Catherine as a speaker or workshop leader, please contact:

The Harry Walker Agency

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Select Media Appearances

Ten Percent Happier


At a time like this, fun may seem frivolous. But Catherine argues — convincingly, in Ten Percent Happier host Dan Harris' opinion — that fun is absolutely essential to a well-lived life. She shares deeply about what actually constitutes fun, and how we can best live a life that is conducive to fun. In other words, she argues that fun is a trainable skill.

The Today Show

with Hoda & Jenna

The Netflix documentary “The Social Dilemma” looks into the ways social media companies use collected data to keep users engaged for longer periods of time. Catherine gives Hoda and Jenna tips for creating a smarter relationship with technology.
Good morning america logo

The Happiness Lab


The pandemic has us all glued to our smartphones, tablets, laptops and TVs - they give us important information, vital social contact and much needed distraction. Catherine shares her tips on how to make sure our new screen habits improve our lockdown lives rather than exacerbate our problems and anxieties.

Good Morning America


Catherine guides Dan Harris through his own phone breakup for Good Morning America.
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CBS This Morning

Catherine joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss why regaining our attention back from technology isn't about losing devices altogether. She shares some practical tips for those who are struggling to disconnect.

What others are saying:

Halle Berry

Actress, rē•spin

" I think it’s so important during this time to re-focus my energy away from my smart phone, set reasonable boundaries and mindfully enjoy the world around me. If you feel the same, this book may help."

Dan Harris

Good Morning America, 10% Happier

“I still use my phone, of course, but having a saner relationship with my device has freed up time for a much richer relationship with my family.”

Kevin Roose

The New York Times

“Catherine Price is the Marie Kondo of brains. . . . [F]or the first time in a long time, I’m starting to feel like a human again.”

“Catherine was such an engaging expert speaker for our recent Hyatt Virtual Wellbeing Retreat. Guided by our company purpose to care for people so they can be their best, it was important for us to team up with speakers who share our values – making Catherine a natural add to the program. Catherine’s session on digital detox and emotional wellbeing was incredibly insightful and well-received by attendees.”

Jorian Weiner, Director, Global Field & Brand Communications, Hyatt

"Catherine is an absolute joy and a breath of fresh air. Her talk on Screen/Life balance at our virtual retreat was engaging, funny, honest, and gave us several reasons to put down our devices and add a little more #FUN back into our lives!"

The Creative Team at 160over90